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The Auctores is a platform effectuating an effort to connect creative minds around the globe through our monthly magazine and an online art gallery (coming soon). To bead distinct talents into a thread resulting in the forms of creativity which is unseen and unparallel.

The Auctores Monthly is a part of that endeavour in physical & electronic form.

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The Auctores  Monthly
Nov-Dec 2021

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✓ Reach out to new people leveraging free shoutouts and features on all our social media profiles.

Follow us and use #the_auctores in your posts to get our attention on your work/s. The one's we love the most gets featured on our feed & stories.

✓ Earn a chance to get your works published in THE AUCTORES MONTHLY, a GLOBAL MONTHLY EDITORIAL and reach out to a vast readership all around the globe.

Submit your work via our forms, and after approval by editors it gets published in the latest edition. Mind you, we don’t ask for any fee or incur any charges on creators to publish their works. All we make sure is that the content you submit should be of top-notch, unplagiarized and qualitatively satisfying.

✓ Connect with like minded creators and create some of the most amazing contents in collaboration.

We put out many opportunities for writers, artists, photographers and other creators to work together. One such example is our CREATIVE BATTLE hosted every sunday on our Instagram. Apart from that we also host a closed group of creators and provide them with full creative independence to create and showcase their contents through our distinct platform.

✓ Outsource ‘important but unproductive’ tasks to our team and dedicate your time to do what you do the best.

As a freelancer, creator, business or an individual you must come across dozens of activities related to your work which are time consuming, lengthy & general in nature but important. You can simply outsource such tasks to our team of experts so that you can focus entirely on your forte.




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