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We THE AUCTORES, an emerging plethora for arts, literature and creativity bring forth to you a remarkable journal “THE AUCTORES Monthly“. Let’s rewind a bit to get the full picture, The Auctores is a platform for creatives to share and to keep an eye on the diversified works in the field of various forms of art, all around the globe. Irrespective of their form, category, background and area. We started by launching our first E-magazine in the year 2020 and we are not planning to stop anytime soon.

This magazine that we put together is an intricate endeavor dedicated to works of various artists who are indulged in any and all forms of art. To get published in THE AUCTORES MONTHLY is an honour and therefore we do not ask for any fee from our contributors under any circumstance.

This is a global monthly editorial, freely available to all.


* Reach out to us for sponsored contents.

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